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Social City is a social skills program in New York City for children ages 2 to 16 years old who would benefit from supplemental social and emotional support. Co-Founders Tara Ferrara and Aly Spira are speech and language therapists who specialize in pragmatic and social language skills.  They have extensive knowledge in their field and years of experience working with children. Tara and Aly understand the significance of adapting instruction to the individual needs of each student, and are skilled at modifying their curriculum to meet each child's specific goals and areas of need.  Along with creating personal plans and individualized goals, they provide the emotional support that allows children to make the most of their strengths.

Social City provides a comfortable environment that encourages children to interact and bond with their peers in a small group setting. Their classes target many critical social skills, including, among others, attention and focus,  conversation strategies, initiating and maintaining friendships, understanding and expressing feelings and empathy, problem solving, emotion management, relationship skills, perspective-taking, social awareness, and improving self-confidence.

Social City believes in an interdisciplinary approach to working with children through consistent collaboration with parents, teachers, related professionals, and anyone else who works with the child. To provide this, therapists send weekly class summary emails which detail the skills targeted that day, activities and games incorporated to reinforce the target skills, specific language used, as well as recommendations of strategies that families can practice throughout the week  for carry-over work to reinforce skills in the child’s natural environment.  Social City is committed to providing high quality services to enable and empower children to thrive socially and academically, preparing them for life-long success.


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Our social skills groups meet in multiple locations throughout New York City, including the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, West Village, Tribeca, and Brooklyn. 

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