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Social Skills for Children Ages 2-16

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Social Skills,
Groups & Individual Therapy

We begin with a free phone consultation to learn more about your child and to answer any questions you may have. We then schedule a consultation to meet your child in order to determine if we are the appropriate program for them and if so, which group is most appropriate. 

Toddler Program

Classes for children 20-36 months. Children slightly younger and/or older are welcome to attend!

Build your child's social-emotional and language skills through music and play! Each month a new developmentally appropriate social skill is introduced, and incorporated into fun and interactive activities, songs, books, puppet shows and language based games. Children have an opportunity to play with friends while practicing their newly learned skills. A monthly tips sheet is given to each caregiver to take home with suggestions on how to reinforce the skills. Classes are developed by certified speech-language therapists and led by a music specialist. This class requires the participation of a caregiver.

Social Skills Groups

Once groups are formed, a unique curriculum is created for each group based on the students' individual goals and areas of need. Groups are run by speech and language therapists with a high staff to student ratio. Social City runs on a 10-week semester during the winter, spring and fall, and a 6-week semester during the summer.  

In the social skills group classes, a specific social skill is covered each week, and skills build upon previously learned skills. After each class, therapists write e-mail summaries to the child's team highlighting the target skill, including a discussion of the activities and games used to teach the skill and specific language used, as well as recommendations for carryover work to reinforce skills throughout the week. Parent conferences are scheduled once per semester and consistent collaboration and feedback is encouraged from the child's team. This will allow Social City to tailor lesson plans to address the child's individual goals. 

Enrollment closes after the first two weeks of the semester. Social City believes it is important that the children can expect to return to the same safe and comforting environment each week, and closing enrollment ensures consistency and maintains the dynamics of each group. This also allows the children to build upon previously learned skills and form friendships.

Group Types:

  1. Larger groups have 6-8 students, and are led by 2-4 therapists and take place at our locations at specific times. Our class schedule can be found here: Click Here for Schedule.

  2. Smaller groups, called pragmatic social sessions (PSS), have 2-4 students and are led by 1 therapist. 8-10 weekly sessions are agreed upon in advance, and the timing and location of the sessions are coordinated based on the students’ availability and location. These sessions are similar in structure and content to the larger social skills groups.

  3. Teens (ages 13-16): Sessions may alternate between a socializing/planning session and a trip session. Therapists and students work together to discover common interests and brainstorm and plan trips. In addition to social, communication, and relationship skills, the teen groups address life skills, including organization, collaboration, decision-making, scheduling, problem-solving, compromise, flexibility, and time and money management.

Individual Therapy

Individual speech language therapy sessions target receptive, expressive and pragmatic language skills. Sessions are scheduled around the child’s availability and can take place at your home, at your child’s school, or at a separate agreed-upon location. Individual therapy sessions can be scheduled for 45 or 60 minutes and are available for students of any age.