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We wanted to Thank Everyone at Social City because our son "D" has learned invaluable and life long lessons at Social City.

"D" is having a Amazing 7th Grade experience.  Last week he expressed how he does not want school to end but is enjoying every moment until it does.

All of his hard work at Social City have helped him tremendously.

Compared to last year, "D" is more social, outgoing and being himself.  His cell phone is constantly beeping and ringing off the hook. (That's a Great Feeling as a parent).

His teachers enjoy having him because he is eager to learn, participate and help others.  On numerous occasions the teachers have stated that they have not seen a hard-working student like "D" in many years.  His classmates look up to him and during a class project they wrote wonderful comments about him.  One teen wrote that she enjoys his laugh and when he laughs it's contagious.  Another classmate thanked him for helping out on a group project and helping them with math.  At "D's" annual IEP school meeting, they praised him and commented on how he is aware of all the different classmates, teachers and staff's personalities.  

"D" has received Highest Honors for the entire school year.   Next week, "D" will participate in the ARISTA Honor Society Ceremony.  "D" completed the required Community Service, participated in Leadership Activities, and met all other requirements.  

Most importantly, he also won "Student of the Month".  The teacher nominated "D" his excellent participation in his schools social skills group.  A few weeks ago, we had a new student in the group who was having a very difficult time; "D" showed such compassion and empathy toward that student, it was really wonderful. He is a very kind young man and a pleasure to work with!"

Much continued success to Everyone at Social City, especially "D's" Social City Friends!

Tara Ferrara