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Social Skills for Children Ages 2-16


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I wanted to write to let you know that J. will not be able to sign up for the upcoming winter session.  Not sure if he's mentioned it but he did get a part, or rather a couple of small parts, in his school play and he'll need to be at rehearsals on most Thursdays and Tuesday too.

It's super exciting especially as the idea to try out came completely from him.  We really don't think that would have happened without the confidence he's gotten from Social City.   That makes it a little bittersweet that we he wont be able to attend.  Not only does J. enjoy going but he has also grown so much since he started coming just the past summer.

It's been a wonderful experience and J. has even said he would like to come back after his play is done.

Thanks so much!

Tara Ferrara